ABOUT draqen

We change the way smart products are manufactured.

Immensely powerful, state-of-the-art automated quality control machine vision inspection systems and machines. A new generation of class-leading vision system, better in every way. Faster, more efficient and integrated by our experts.Easy to use, they’re also practical and simple to maintain.

Manufacturer of self contained & industrial grade automated machine vision systems. Various features include seamless integrations, plug & go configurations, automatic detection & touch screen drivers. Vision systems are suitable for general, color, line scan, high resolution, identification & robot guidance applications .

Custom machinery capabilities includes automation and semi-automatic machines. Robotic capabilities include integration, programming and single or multiple robotic assemblies. Services include electrical wiring & panel building, system programming, mechanical design, and operation.


With our solutions, global consumer brands can aim for 100 % quality, design finer products, shorten the time-to-market and lower operational costs in a sustainable manner.

  • High tech design, fast track execution
  • Prompt service, timely support
  • Automated quality control machine
  • A new generation of class-leading vision system
  • Automatic detection & touch screen drivers


"The company offering fully automatic robotics tools is best positioned to achieve higher success over other participants in this highly competitive market."

Kiran Jayaram

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Solutions provider
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