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Automative Industry

Automotive Manufacturers

Automotive manufacturers are faced with the challenge of realizing tailored customer solutions that have to be developed quickly and produced cost-effectively. The focus is on responding flexibly to customers while standardizing products and processes at the same time. These requirements manifest the need for efficient controlling of the logistics chain in particular.

Draqen Technologies provides a fully integrated SAP® ERP solution for companies manufacturing vehicles with special functions and features, like fire fighting trucks, forklifts, loader, trailer, vehicles for construction and agriculture. The entire value-added chain is mapped in an integrated ERP solution, from the initial product idea through development, planning, procurement, production and customer service.

Automotive Retailers

The growing range of models and versions, multiple-brand strategy, internationalization, and price pressure, as well as the ever stronger integration among automobile manufacturers present a challenge to companies’ organization and IT landscapes - for medium-sized car dealers and service businesses in particular.

Draqen Technologies offers car dealers and service companies a tried and tested industry solution based on SAP® Dealer Business Management. This ensures optimum control of every process from vehicle sales, replacement part sales, service orders, workshop control, and warehouse logistics, through to administration including financial accounting, controlling, and payroll.

The automotive industry is a driving force in the world economy, and we provide the insight you need to outpace the competition. In today’s rapidly changing automotive industry, having a deep understanding of disruptive technologies, converging markets, and the new demand for mobility isn’t just an advantage—it’s essential. Rapidly evolving trends like car and truck automation, connectivity, and e-mobility put traditional players' business models at risk; new players are emerging and playing out their competencies in customer relation management as well as coming up with innovative, data-driven business models. How do you plan to meet the demands of your industry’s future?

In the future, you will have to do more than just build an excellent car. The rising challenges for manufacturers are manifold, reaching from stricter controls on emissions and regulations on fuel efficiency, to a comprehensive shift of global profit pools. It's time to find creative mobility solutions that work for you and your target markets—ones that bring digitization into play.

With the shared experience of colleagues around the world at their disposal, Draqen's’s team of consultants can offer deep insight into these global concerns. Our mission is to help you take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Wherever your concerns land in the supply chain—and in any market—we know where to take action to maintain profitable growth.

Rising transport volumes, stricter environmental legislation, and the continuing globalization of vehicle concepts are just as few of the dynamic challenges our industry players are facing. As emerging economies develop, so too do their needs for commercial, agricultural, and construction vehicles. Mature markets, on the other hand, demand innovative products. To ensure long-term growth, you need a plan that balances these concerns. Have you found the right strategy for your business?

At Draqen, we’re experts in defining and implementing individualized market approaches that capitalize on the effects of globalization within new markets, as well as providing you with solutions to improve your existing business through lean concepts and modularization. We share our expertise with colleagues around the globe to ensure profitable business for our clients.

The beginnings of automation can be traced back to the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century, when people began to use machines to replace human labour and animal power. With advances in technology, electronics, computers, optical testing, and rapid developments in other areas, the concepts for machine control became more complex. Automation has gradually become an automatic operating system with integrated automatic detection, data transmission, judgment and control that are directly executed according to program instructions. Through advanced power electronics technology, industrial automation has reached a higher level. A complete set of industrial automation systems is able to carry out intelligent control and complete programming, while controlling and operating independently.