Machinery Safety Fences

Bowl Feeder System

The bowl feeder is a customized equipment, which could be used to feed screws, electronic components, plastic objects, etc at very high speed.

Vibratory bowl feeders are common devices used to feed individual component parts for assembly on industrial production lines. They are used when a randomly sorted bulk package of small components must be fed into another machine one-by-one, oriented in a particular direction.

Parts feeding systems are a critical component to the automated assembly machine. Without quality reliable parts feeding system; automatic assembly and testing machines will be a certain failure. Franklin Automation has experience with selecting and building many types of auto parts feeding systems.

High-performance material-providing vibrating equipment, equipped with automatic device, can adjust its vibrating angle, with 80-600mm as vibrating disc diameter, which is constituted by stainless steel and other materials. Its straight vibrating orbit can be made in any length, with its providing ratio 40/min and more. The providing ratio of high-performance revolving material-providing equipment is beyond 100/min.

Draqen Technologies linear feeders conveyors handle a variety of products, from the finest powders, or the smallest diamonds, to large quarry rocks. Our linear feeders and conveyors bridge the gaps between your existing manufacturing processes and provide you with the maximum control over your required feeding rates. Vibratory linear feeders and conveyors are manufactured in a wide range of shapes and sizes and many differing levels of finish and quality.

Available in high or low frequency varieties constructed out of mild steel, stainless steel or plastic trays; Draqen Technologies linear feeders and conveyors require minimal maintenance. Feeders can be left open or completely sealed and use dust-tight construction methods making them great for powders. Sound reduction can be incorporated into your vibratory linear feeders to reduce the impact of handling particularly noisy products.