Machinery Safety Fences

Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing on Palletised/Automated Assembly Systems We at Draqen have experience performing electrical testing on a variety of electronic based products, including:

  • control boxes
  • instrument clusters
  • PWM control valves
  • solenoid valves
  • rail network relays
  • in-car entertainment systems
  • satellite downlink modules

Most commonly carried out using PC control systems, the testing allows for data recording, communication to and from the modules, result interrogation and the creation of result algorithms. The automated electrical tests offered include:

  • PWM signal control
  • current measurement
  • voltage measurement
  • frequency measurement
  • programmable AC voltage control
  • programmable DC voltage control
  • bi-directional communication with various products
  • resistance measurement
  • speed of switching in relays
  • drop in and drop out voltage/currents
  • hysteresis measurements and calculation

End Of Line Testing

Our end of line testing systems can be manually loaded or integrated into palletised flow systems, allowing for flexible - single or multiple - test platforms; something that we at Draqen recognise is important in the increasingly complex systems of automotive electronics.

PCB function testing

Draqen have developed a range of testers to certify the correct and reliable functionality of these complex circuit boards while they are still operational The testing platforms are used to check all external analogue and digital inputs and outputs, as well as any present LEDs which are tested for current draw, colour and intensity. Further to this, the fixturisation developed allows for the test points connectivity to the PCB, enabling the testing of functions which are not available at the main connector.

Quality Laboratory

Quality laboratory testing ensures a more detailed testing of products than is carried out on the production line, due to the absence of cycle time constraints and automated loading and unloading functions. A range of testers have been developed by Draqen to perform the tests and to laboratory quality control.

A further range of testers have been designed to carry out the lifetime testing as specified by most manufacturers. The purpose of this laboratory testing equipment involves the simultaneous control of a number of products, with their basic function and functionality being monitored during their cycling through designated conditions during periods in controlled environmental chambers.