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Floor Conveyor

E’tow offers a fast, reliable, simple and maintenance friendly transport system using revolutionary technology. The system uses an in-floor chain which is permanently driven by a specially designed drive unit. As a continuous transport system it offers efficient and cost effective solutions for materials handling applications. If your company has the following requirements then E’tow is essential for you

  • High throughput
  • Transport over long distances within one location
  • Reliable means of transport for continuous processes
  • Continuous transport between different functional zones
  • Smooth transport of large weights

Versatile and easy install

Even better for your system, E’tow will fit perfectly in existing space available and can handle almost all logistical situations. Take a look at the great benefits E’tow can offer your system.

Fast and reliable

Our in-floor conveyor systems are examples of effective and leading edge technology. It guarantees carefree use for years to come and continually helps you to increase the efficiency of your organisation.

Quick payback

Our in-floor conveyor systems are able to take on a high capacity and guarantees a high transport output. So an investment in this system is quickly recouped.

Simple to use

Various types of carriers can be used together so that the system can take on diverse flows of materials. Coupling and uncoupling carriers is a simple operation.


Because the conveyor system is so durable, breakdowns rarely occur along with long-life components keep maintenance down to a minimum.


A fixed track with clear zone-specifications increases safety on the floor.