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Powerd roler Conveyor

Powered Roller Conveyor stands as one of the most popular solutions to the movement and transportation of boxes or totes in the industry. We are specialise in designing the best use of conveyor and best type of conveyor for the industrial projects. Modular Powered roller conveyors are flexible, robust and highly efficient. For maximum distribution capabilities, these units provide a versatile combination of different types of conveyor sections that enable multi-level distribution and diversion for optimum usage of space.

Solutions from simple order picking through fully managed order picking to sortation sub-systems incorporating weight check volumetric calculations etc have been designed and installed as per (customized specifications) customer specification .

We expertise in the roller conveyor area can bring a great insight into the way you can use powered roller conveyor to move a wide range of goods including:

  • Range of light and heavy pallets
  • Range of different sized goods
  • Fast movement items around warehouse
  • Boxes
  • Order picking items
  • Small and larger items
  • Totes