Machinery Safety Fences

Text Tiles

We provide system solutions for all conventional textile fabric manufacturing applications. Whether knitting, warp-knitting or weaving, including weaving preparation, and subsequent making-up: We provide you with the right automation blocks such that you can appropriately fulfil the most complex requirements – starting from circular knitting machines, on which the movement of the knitting cylinder can be conveniently controlled, through to extremely time-critical tasks executed on high-performance looms or special looms with up to 50 axes.

The regenerative capacity of the in-feed modules, together with the possibility to exchange energy between axes using the common dc link, are the basis for energy-efficient multi-axis solutions. Compliance with the applicable Machinery Directives is ensured by the comprehensive integrated safety functionality. Complex Motion Control tasks can be conveniently implemented using the electronic cam disk function.

With a solution from Siemens, you can achieve superior performance and flexibility, easy and integrated engineering and worldwide product and application support.

Draqen Technologies has many years of experience automating textile machines. Many well-known machine manufacturers place their trust in the innovative strength of Draqen Technologies products; in doing so, they have increased their technological competitive advantage in their respective markets. Draqen Technologies provides integrated automation solutions for all types of textile machines, making us the ideal partner for those seeking a complete solution.

Draqen Technologies meets market demands such as standardization and modularization of software and hardware. Our costumers can rely on long-term availability of our products.

We offer automation solutions for production management, yarn production, fabric production, finishing and making-up

Everyday life in the textile industry, with its short-lived trends, intense competition, and enormous cost pressure, places special demands for the manufacturer of textile machines. We succeed with customized, pre-engineered solutions and proven products that are innovative, flexible and high performing, yet surprisingly cost-effective.