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Zero line Conveyor

Zero pressure conveyors offer the control, reliability and automation of a start/stop action. This allows your system to automate start/stop conveyor units. Zero pressure conveyors can be installed within your existing system or integrated to a total systems solution.

The conveyor is fitted with motorised driving rollers along its length to enable the loads to be automatically controlled in ‘zero pressure zones’. The stop / start action of these motors is automatically controlled by photocells fitted adjacent to each motor that send information to the onboard ASI control system.

As the loads are conveyed along the conveyor, the photocells inform the control system that product is present. The control unit then checks that the forward zone is unoccupied. If the zone is clear, the downstream motor starts thus enabling the product to be passed forward where the action is repeated. If however, the downstream zone is occupied then the control system stops the motor immediately under the product until the downstream zone is clear.

In the event that no loads are present or moving on the conveyor, then zones are stopped effectively saving energy.

Each conveyor module would be assembled with sensors, and wired in our factory requiring PLC control and power supply adding together with site wiring to connect controllers with an ASI cable, a black cable for motor supplies and a further emergency stop cable if required.

  • Option 1 Skid Bed, where the belt is supported on a steel bed, and is used for general applications.
  • Option 2 Roller Bed, where the belt is supported on free running rollers at close centres, used for inclines, long horizontal lengths and when conveying heavy loads.